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Flyash Bricks & Concrete


Chendhur Bricks and Concrete is also another important division of Chendhur Group of Companies which is involved in the manufacturing of quality Fly Ash Bricks and Concrete. Fly Ash bricks of different sizes are manufactured here using latest Griding, Mixing and Pressure Equipments and latest Scientific technologies for producing A-Graded quality.

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Introduction about Flyash:

Fly Ash brick is a product of basic cement clinker materials (FLY ASH + STONE DUST/SAND + LIME + GYPSUM + BONDING AGENT). This mix produces bricks of higher strength with consistency as well as uniformity. The manufacturing process is fully automatic with state of art technology. Fly Ash bricks are much used by the organized sectors in heavy industries, high rise buildings, large townships, colonies, etc. because of exceptional features and merits.
Fly Ash contains the burnt residue of pulverized coal (bituminous coal or sub-bituminous coal) and is siliceous in nature . It is a proven fact that this material can be utilized in number of ways in building construction products as well as in civil works with sufficient durability. Building materials such as Bricks, Blocks, Tiles, etc are the major Flyash utilizations. It is also used in Grouting, Engineered fills for low-lying land spaces for human settlement, usage in Road Construction and Construction of ash dykes and embankments.


  • Higher compressive strength than conventional bricks
  • Low water absorption than conventional bricks
  • More resistance to salinity & water leakage or seepage
  • No salt-pitting tendencies or efflorescence


    • Smooth surfaces with uniform sizes
    • Better thermal properties
    • Very Thin masonry joints with higher uniformity
    • Highly acceptable for exposed brick masonry work


    • Lesser consumption of bricks because of regular full sizes
    • Low wastage at site
    • Very less cement mortar consumption due to thin joints required
    • Saving on plastering cost due to less plaster thickness required
    • Approximately 30% low cost per unit of construction